Africa Pay TV Market: Additional 12m Subscribers Projected by 2029



The newly published Africa Pay TV Forecast signifies a notable expansion in the continent’s pay television subscriber base.

An anticipated surge of 12 million subscribers by 2029 is set to increase the pay TV landscape significantly. This substantial growth is indicative of the robust potential within the African market for pay TV services.

The detailed research outlines a climb to 55 million pay TV subscribers within the next six years, with satellite TV and DTT (digital terrestrial television) services being prime contributors to this increase. Satellite TV is projected to reach 33 million subscribers, while DTT is expected to account for 21 million by the end of 2029.

Current Trends and Detailed Analysis

The study provides an in-depth analysis of the pay TV market trends, highlighting the momentum behind subscriber growth from 43 million at the end of 2023 to the projected figures in 2029.

Notably, four countries are projected to account for nearly half of the total subscription base, with Nigeria positioning itself as a leading market.

Regional Insights and Forecasts

Representing a myriad of countries, the report forecasts the subscriber count, penetration rates, revenue prospects, and major operator performances across 35 African nations.

The comprehensive data spans from the past years leading up to 2015 and extends to detailed future projections up to 2029.

The analysis is laid out in a 68-page document supported by an extensive Excel workbook that features country-specific and platform-specific details. The forecast is inclusive of 129 platforms including but not limited to:

ZAP TV, StarTimes, DStv, Canal Plus, and StarSat in numerous countries

Additional local operators such as Angola Telecom, TV Cabo, GOtv, Zuku cable and satellite services, Easy TV, and Orange

Strategic Implications and Market Potential

The report’s insightful narratives and detailed statistics are poised to facilitate key stakeholders in crafting informed strategic plans.

Moreover, the burgeoning growth signifies a valuable opportunity for existing players and potential entrants alike to explore and expand within the dynamic African pay TV sector.

This significant report is designed to guide industry leaders, investors, analysts, policy makers, and regulatory bodies through the evolving pay TV landscape in Africa.

With an additional 27 million TV households anticipated by 2029, the market is expected to attain new heights in terms of household penetration and revenue generation.

This new publication is a testament to the dynamic and fast-evolving pay TV market in Africa, providing essential data and forecasting models crucial for decision-making and strategic planning within the industry.





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