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Enterprise Solutions Workshop (NCES 2012)

Theme: Emerging Business Models, Values and Innovations


Today, as the need for instant access to information increases daily, businesses and enterprises are updating their entire enterprise infrastructures to meet the exploding bandwidth and security requirements.

For businesses and organizations, it has become very important to look for new solutions to support the delivery of essential services people rely on to manage their day-to-day operations.

That is why we have designed the first ever Enterprise Solutions Workshop to keep pace with these growing data transmission and applications needs and to accommodate the migration to next-generation networks.

Apart from companies, high net-worth Nigerians wants innovations and solutions that allow them to process more data quickly, cheaply and reliably.

With enterprise solutions now seen as one of the major factors for the success and growth of e-commerce, the workshop will help you build and maintain your competitive edge.

This first forum has companies, researchers, system experts, developers and other interested individuals attending to discuss issues and solutions, while keeping abreast new developments.

Enterprise solution is fundamental to business. As a result, this workshop is an event enterprise solutions providers feel they must attend as it brings together providers and users of these solutions.

Enterprise solutions developments are ever more important for keeping ahead of the competition while information is becoming an ever more valuable ingredient to run your business.

ach week new challenges and information enterprise solutions present themselves and demand the right decision.

No other Communications event can offer a first class conference education, endless networking opportunities and visionary keynotes with wide-ranging viewpoints like companies themselves.



We have secured the partnership of Committee of e-Banking Industry Heads (CeBIH) and CIOs of Oil and Gas companies in the area of endorsement, speakership and attendance of their members to the event.

We have also secured the participation of researchers, system experts, developers that would form the body of panel to discuss current issues around enterprise solutions.


Confirmed Attendance/Participation

Prof. Cleopas Angaye, DG, NITDA, Dr. Eugene Juwah, EVC/CEO, NCC, Dr. Ernest Ndukwe, former EVC/CEO, NCC, Mr. Martins Ndigwe, Managing Director, MayaCorp, Mr. Steve Herridge, MD, Internet Solution, Emmanuel Onyeje, Country manager, Microsoft, Ifeatu Onyeje, ED, Corporate and International Banking, UBA, Bayo Banjo, president, NIG, Gbenga Adebayo, chairman, Alton, Austin Okere, CEO, CWG and Chuma Ehirim, president of CeBIH.


Eko Hotels and Suites



March 28, 2012



9am-end 3pm


For details Contact: [email protected]

Ken:       08034005018 [email protected]

Chike : 08056505113 [email protected]

Senge: 08035152070