Honeydrops Foundation Expands Footprint in Africa with Launch in Lagos



Honeydrops Foundation (HDF), a leading non-profit organization dedicated to ending domestic, sexual, and teen dating violence, is excited to announce its expansion to Africa with the launch of HDF (Africa).

The organization’s mission is to provide real-time adaptable solutions to combat violence and promote a culture of respect, education, and empowerment.

Founded in Dallas, Texas, HDF has been at the forefront of efforts to address domestic and sexual violence, focusing on education, pageantry, monitoring, volunteering, honor, and recognition.

Now, HDF is taking its mission global, starting with its first launch in Lagos, Nigeria, scheduled for February 2024.

We believe that by working together and engaging all sectors of society, we can create lasting change and build safer, healthier communities,” adds, Founder and President of the foundation, Dr. Oyinkansola Jinadu Ph.D

As part of its launch activities, HDF (Africa) will host two key events aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing support:

  • Youth Conference on Teen Dating Violence Awareness: In line with Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, HDF (Africa) will host a youth conference targeting teenagers in secondary schools. The conference aims to raise awareness among teens, parents, teachers, and the community about the prevalence of teen dating violence and provide resources for prevention and intervention.
  • Men Against Abuse” Fashion Themed Event: Recognizing the importance of engaging men in efforts to combat domestic and sexual violence, HDF (Africa) will organize a fashion-themed event aimed at building a community of men committed to standing against abuse. The event will serve as a platform for dialogue, education, and advocacy, empowering men to be allies in the fight against violence.




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