NCC Plans to Block Stolen SIM Cards in 5 Minutes



Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has proposed that telecom companies should reduce the time taken to block a stolen SIM card from 30 to five minutes

This was disclosed during a three-day public inquiry of six regulatory mechanisms at NCC’s office in Abuja.

Edoyemi Ogoh, deputy director of Technical Standards and Networks Integrity, NCC, said the amendment was being made via the Draft Quality of Service Business Rules.

Ogoh said per the proposed amendment, once a phone is reported and confirmed stolen, the service provider must block the line within five minutes.

He said: “For Section 1.3H, this subsection basically talks about the request to block reported stolen phones. We are looking at once it is reported and confirmed stolen to reduce the timeline from 30 minutes to five minutes.”

According to Ogoh, the reason for the regulation amendment is to be abreast of the changes in the technology ecosystem and stay updated with recent events in the industry.




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