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How Managed IT Services Can Help Transform Your Business



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Managed IT services are IT infrastructure monitoring, maintenance, repair, and reporting operations carried out by a service provider on behalf of the business that owns the infrastructure.

In simple terms, it’s what happens when a business outsources the management of its IT to another firm that exists to take on such work, instead of leaving this task with in-house IT teams.

There’s an important point to note though. Occasional repair work done by a technician you’ve hired for a one-off job isn’t managed service, in the real sense that it’s understood. Managed services, unlike occasional repair and maintenance, are carried out based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA). And you typically pay for the service monthly.

When you have a working agreement with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), they will take care of a range of IT issues that you ask them to provide.

Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, you should consider using managed IT services.

Here’s why.

Managed Services or One-off Repairs?

As a business, you want your IT systems in top shape every hour, all day, throughout the work year. Your productivity depends on this, as does your bottom line (ultimately). Even if your workers are skilled and primed to do their jobs, they will be unable to produce the best quality output unless they have the tech tools in good condition.

For a long while, most companies in Nigeria have relied on technicians to fix these issues when they arise. They contact someone to sort out their problematic wiring, or set up a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).

But this approach is becoming less convenient. That’s because our businesses have grown so dependent on these technologies that our operations shut down if we have to wait for technicians to carry out hours-long fixes. When it takes too long to deal with IT problems, we lose hours or even days of productivity.

This is where managed services come in.

With managed IT services, you won’t have to hurry someone over to troubleshoot issues or burn precious hours while trying to figure out tech problems. Your IT infrastructure will be taken care of by experts, who ensure that issues are dealt with before they can threaten business continuity.

Examples of Managed IT Services

Here are some things that an MSP can do for your business.

  1. Managed WLAN

You don’t have to wait until there’s a problem with your business’s wireless connectivity before getting a technician to have a look at it. Why not let a team of experts manage the setup on your behalf so that they tackle any weaknesses that exist before it disrupts your activities?

  1. Enterprise Mobility

Companies often need their staff to deal with tasks while they are away from their offices. A managed services provider could help them set up channels that let employees to securely access their company’s digital platforms from wherever they are. MSPs also ensure that such systems are always functioning optimally, and will fix any issues that may arise with them.

  1. Managed Security

When an MSP provides managed security, they take on the monitoring and management of a client organization’s cybersecurity. They can help set up and maintain systems like virus blocking, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and firewalls.

  1. Professional Services

Managed Services Providers also plan, design, implement and manage networks and general enterprise technology systems. This includes network audits and forensics, voice and data network visualization, installation and configuration, live network monitoring and 24-hour emergency maintenance, among others.

  1. Managed Cloud, Storage, and Backup

Instead of having their cloud-infrastructure on-site, most businesses now prefer to let cloud service firms provide and take care of those facilities on their behalf.

What You Stand to Gain with Managed Services

  1. Frees Up Time and Resources

MSPs take a significant amount of load off businesses. They no longer have to struggle with very technical repair and monitoring tasks. This frees up time and resources that they can channel to the core aspects of their operations.

  1. Increases Productivity

Given more time and resources, your team will be able to achieve more. The improved IT services you get from your MSP will also allow your staff to do better at their jobs—they don’t have to struggle with outages that disrupt their work, for instance.

  1. Smaller Budget

Depending on what your IT needs are, you may not even need an IT team if you’re using a managed service provider. The MSP could completely take on that role. This takes out the cost of training and remunerating an in-house IT team.

  1. Scalability

If your business grows, or if the demand for your services increases, you may need to ramp up your IT resources to meet up with the market’s requests. Managed services are designed to adjust quickly to this. You can scale up or scale down the service you are getting with relative ease. You don’t have to hire and train staff, change your technologies and incur the costs that accompany these things.

  1. Support

If there’s anything about your IT that you’re not sure about, you can call your MSP and ask them to make it clearer to you. The more customer-centric service providers will respond promptly to your requests and keep you updated on things as often as is possible.

Does Your Organization Need Managed Services?

Your business or agency needs to consider managed IT services if it meets one or more of these criteria:

  • Your in-house IT team is overworked or struggling to keep up with the many tasks on their plate
  • The organization has a growing IT infrastructure that requires constant monitoring
  • IT maintenance costs are expanding rapidly and eating into your budget
  • You are dissatisfied with the current level of support you’re getting for your IT infrastructure

A Managed IT Services Provider You Can Trust

If you would like to find out more about managed services, you can speak with the IT consultants at Layer3. They could help you determine what kind of services your business needs, and how they should be deployed.

For over 14 years, Layer3 has served clients in both the private and public sectors of Nigeria, providing them with the technologies that meet their peculiar needs. You could benefit from their extensive expertise in cybersecurity, managed WLAN, mobile device management, and network maintenance.

Get started with managed services to help your business up the growth curve. Contact us now to begin this journey.

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Samsung Unveils Technologically Advanced 2020 Consumer Products



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Samsung Electronics Nigeria has unveiled its 2020 consumer products range. The launch which held in Victoria Island, Lagos showcased the latest in its revolutionary and innovative QLED and Crystal UHD Television Series  along with Wind Free Air Conditioners, Side by Side Refrigerators and Drum Washing Machines.

Keeping with its resolve to utilize its transformative ideas and technologies to shape the future and inspire the whole world, Samsung has once again demonstrated its determination to continuously redefine the living space and entertainment of its customers.

According to Mr. Caden Chiyeon Yu, Managing Director, Samsung Electronics Nigeria, “QLED uses exceptional and revolutionary technology which offers an unparalleled visual and auditory adventure from the comfort of your living room. QLED series is available in 4K or 8K and from 58″ to 98”, and was designed with options to fit any space and budget”. For Crystal UHD Television, Mr. Yu said, with cutting-edge Crystal Display, the new Crystal UHD TV will bring high-resolution content to life in a whole new way, delivering a viewing experience like never before in a mainstream UHD TV.

Also showcased at the launch were the new Windfree Air Conditioner, Drum Washing Machines and Side by Side refrigerators. The Windfree Air Conditioner is designed specially with the latest technology to provide coolness in quick time while ensuring that users don’t experience any chills through out its use. It also has an in-built digital inverter which reduces energy consumption by 73 percent. .

The newly introduced drum washing machine of 2020 from Samsung is very efficient and is built with eco bubble technolgy which allows it to provide cleaning of very dirty garments or clothes without the use of water.  Futhermore, the new Side by Side Refrigetor was built with Spacemax technology which has enabled  Samsung to offer more spacious interior without increasing the external dimentions or compromising energy efficiency.

Also speaking at the event, Mrs. Oluwaremilekun Adesola-Ogunsan, Head, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Nigeria stated that “Samsung understands the economic diffulties currently being experienced in the country and has consistently produced pocket friendly premium consumer products. We are very consistent in our approach as we understand that our customers like the good things of life and we have provided that without compromising our standards”. “So I can say boldy that there is a Samsung for everybody regardless of your income stream” She added.

In 2019, the Samsung consumer range of products received universal praise for its innovative quality and design and numerous pioneering features. This year Samsung has added even more beneficial features which its customers will appreciate in great deal.


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CWG Plc Empowers Small Businesses in Nigeria with SME Solution



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Pan-African Information and Communications Technology Company, CWG Plc has said the essence of its Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (SMERP) that runs on the cloud is to empower small and medium enterprises in Nigeria and offer them the required tools to manage their entire business.

Mr. Dolapo Orogbemi, Product Manager for SMERP, who disclosed this recently to the media, noted that with SMEs contributing massively to Nigeria’s economy and creating both direct and indirect jobs, SMERP was designed intentionally to help SMEs thrive.

“Since inception, it has been the number one goal for us here at CWG because we have always identified the potential for SMEs once they are provided with the right support.

Thus, SMERP was designed to make available enabling tools for all SMEs across Africa at a relatively affordable price and to also make their business operations lean where they can save more resources to increase profitability,” he said.

Dolapo explained that in support of SMEs, SMERP has provided an effective ERP tailored to the SME market, providing services such as Inventory Management, E-commerce platform, Accounting, Point of Sale and Customer Relationship Management tool.

He argued that one of the major reasons SMEs don’t survive beyond the early stage of their business is due to inadequate funding to scale the business and this has become a default gap in the SME sector.

But with the CWG’s SMERP solution, SMEs can take proper records of their day-to-day business transactions to present to financial institutions as proof of profitability and project business growth for them.

According to him, SMERP’s competitive edge is based on value to the SMEs where they can have access to a complete ERP solution at an affordable price, stressing that the solution enables each SME with special requirements to execute their business needs.

For more information on SMERP kindly visit to start a 14-days free trial.

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Encomiums for TD Africa as Nigeria Prepares for Tech Experience Centre Launch



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A number of globally renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the technology space have commended TD Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading technology, lifestyle and solutions distributor for successfully birthing the continent’s first Tech Experience Centre.

The commendations come ahead of the October 1st launch of the centre located in the high-rise Yudala Heights on 13 Idowu Martins, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Equally important, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami is expected in Lagos to commission the Centre, with the Lagos State Governor, BabajideSanwo-Olu, alongside a number of other high profile dignitaries, expected in attendance. The event will be streamed live to millions across the world from 5pm.

In a chat with newsmen, Chidalu Ekeh, head of the Tech Experience Centre, stated that aside reducing the decision making cycle for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), as well as other technology consumers, the Centre will also serve as a training centre for young Nigerians on latest technology.

“We are creating a path in this country where state-of-the-art technology will be accessible to CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and others technology consumers, so that they can make prompt decisions without leaving the country,” Chidalu said.

“What we have on board is a tech genius area where our customers will be able to take advantage of the partnerships that we have with the various OEMs on board.

“The Centre will afford young Nigerians the opportunity to receive world-class training on the latest technology.”

Also speaking on the reason for mobilising other tech giants to bring the massive project to life, Mrs. Gozy Ijogun, managing director (Sales) TD Africa, explained that the centre is aimed at adding value to the technology space in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general.

Ijogun said: “I am sure everyone is wondering what TD Africa is doing with the Tech Experience Centre. At TD Africa, we consider ourselves value added distributors.

“We are not just here to buy and sell. We add value to the economy. For that reason, we came up with the Tech Experience Centre so that Africans can experience technology the way it should be in this part of the world.

“No other distributor can do this. TD Africa is here to add value to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ecosystem.”

The Centre, housed within an impressive eight-floor edifice, will play host to tech giants, such as Cisco, Microsoft, Dell Technologies, HP, Schneider Electric, Zinox, Philips, Samsung, Apple and Bosch, among others.

“The structure also houses a cutting-edge gaming arena, lifestyle and smart home area, café, training centre, conference rooms and expansive office spaces, among others.

Olakunle Oloruntimehin, general manager, Cisco, West Africa, expressed delight with the concept behind the Tech Experience Centre, adding that it would be a great opportunity to offer latest technologies to consumers under the same roof with other tech giants.


“It is a good opportunity to collaborate with TD Africa and other OEMs under one roof. Technology is being democratised and it is important that people come together to take this outcome forward.

“Cisco is excited not only to partner with TD Africa but also to work with other OEMs under one space to make this work,” Oloruntimehin said.

Chioma Iwuchukwu-Nweke, country manager (Nigeria), Philips, also expressed excitement with the expected launch of the project. She revealed that Philips would delight tech customers at the Centre with latest health-driven home appliances.

Nweke said: “This is a dramatisation of the phrase ‘think global, act local.’ This is what TD Africa is doing with the Tech Experience Centre, by bringing lots of multinationals in the technology space in one place so that customers will experience latest technology.

“Before now, people always take technology to be something they have to travel outside the country to experience.

“We are sure that the Centre is going to change this narrative, especially at this time when the thought of travelling is a little bit scary for a lot of people. For us at Philips, customers should expect total innovative home appliances.”

On her part, Vivian Mike-Eze, marketing communication manager, Schneider Electric, commended the vision behind the initiative.

She urged tech consumers to be ready for an immersive experience with smart home concepts at the Tech Experience Centre.

“There has not been such a centre that gathers all the tech giants together in one place here in Nigeria. So, TD Africa has really set a precedent.

“I believe that people visiting the Tech Experience Centre expect to experience technology. In Nigeria, there is really a market for advanced technology that has been ignored for too long.

“This vision by TD Africa to bring the latest technology and get customers to experience it live is a fantastic opportunity to tap into. Because of the Centre, customers do not need to travel to the US or UK to actually see latest technology.

“Schneider Electric promises customers home automation, using the smart phone concept, when they walk into the Tech Experience Centre.

“This involves having the ability to control the temperature and ambience in their homes, with just a voice command. It is easy to talk about it, but there is no better idea than experiencing it by testing the controls and seeing it live.”

In addition, Microsoft Senior Partner, Specialist-Modern Work, Josh Adekeye, appreciated TD Africa, noting that the Centre will promote customer immersive experience. He promised that Microsoft would always support the Centre, which will reduce the burden for Microsoft to fly its customers to other countries to see its latest technological rollouts.

Adekeye said: “For us at Microsoft, when we heard about the Tech Experience Centre, we knew that it was something we needed to participate in. Before now, we usually fly our customers to Microsoft Technology Centre either in Dubai or in the US.

“However, when this opportunity came, we indicated interest and supported TD Africa to achieve it. We will always support the Centre. The beauty of technology is in seeing it.

“What Microsoft brings to the table is customer immersive experience. It means the customer will see the technology, feel the impact and make their decision easily and quickly.”

Lending his voice, Managing Director, Samsung (Nigeria), CadenChiyeon Yu hailed TD Africa for galvanising other tech giants to bring the Tech Experience Centre to life, adding that the Centre will afford Samsung a great opportunity to expose customers to its latest offerings in Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other innovations shaping the global tech ecosystem.


Meanwhile, Ayokunmi Solesi, Country Manager (Nigeria), Bosch, described the Centre as a huge landmark on the African continent, adding that Bosch was ready to bring modern kitchen appliances to the delight of customers at the Centre.

Solesi said: “This is live experience. When you see big OEMs like Bosch, Schneider Electric, Samsung, Cisco, Microsoft, among others coming under a platform, you will realise that something great is about to be born.

“This is a huge landmark, not just in Nigeria, but also in Africa. For us at Bosch, this is a very commendable initiative,” Solesi said.

The Tech Experience Centre is an ambitious project, the first of its kind in Africa, to house global technology giants under one roof, with the aim of making latest and cutting-edge technology easily accessible to Nigerians and other nationals.

Experts and economic watchers have hailed the expected launch of the centre as a major development that will shore up Nigeria’s relevance in the global technology space, while also boosting the nation’s economy.

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