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Restitution or Compensation: Amnesty for the Civilian JTF Youth Heroes?



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Just 16 years old and in secondary school, Babagana (not his actual name) looks furtively at his watch.

He has been on this look out for the past 8 hours. A report to the command and control center of the civilian JTF in Maidugiri, alerted the organization to an impending operation being planned by Boko Haram in the neighborhood.

Babagana is on a reconnaissance mission.

His briefs are simple, find his way as fast and discretely as he can to command, once he sees a suspicious vehicle driving into town, and give them the description of the car, its course and its occupants.

If he notices Sule-terror, returning to town, do the same.

Yesterday he was part of a “stop and search,” team that caught 8 Boko Haram terrorist suspects in a car with ammunition rounds and several AK 47’s.

The activities of these bands of courageous youth have been gaining prominence after the Nigerian military successfully decimated the operational capabilities of Boko Haram.

Youths like Babagana are perhaps the biggest testimony to the fact that Boko Haram doesn’t represent the aspiration of Borno youths.

With numerous citizen arrests recorded, these untrained volunteers have become quintessential components of the security apparatus in many of the neighborhoods of Maidugiri and its environs.

Motivated principally by a sense of patriotism and protection of community from the Boko Haram’s maniacal destructibility, youths armed with nothing more than flash lights and clubs have been able to confront an enemy trained in urban warfare and guerrilla tactics.

In metered behavior, the civilian jtf capture and hand over culprits, without taking justice into their own hands—by killing them—as is common in Nigeria.

In recent history, it is hard to find a competing example of such sacrifice and bravery. Civilians with sticks and stones, organizing, waiting for the bullets of terrorists to get exhausted and then catching them with just hands.

They are not working for an earthly reward. Assuredly, their reward is in heaven. But should we not seize this opportunity to celebrate true patriotism?

In a world bugged-down with harrowing stories, their actions put Nigeria in the world headlines in positive light.

Courageous actions in the true and critical citizen action spirit, the much I with our little organization can do, is give them the “Every Nigerian Do Something(ENDS)” award for “Valor and citizen bravery.”

Boko Haram too have recognized and underlined these youth, Nigeria’s youth, describing them as their new great enemies.

But apart from the bewildering and sacchariferous nature of the youth crusade, it is important not to miss the greater message that this clearly signifies—the powerful youth force in Nigeria and its unlimited and capable potential against terror, tyrants and tyranny.

The youth of Borno and environs have set an unseen precedence in the history of Nigeria. To be written of, and remembered forever in history books. And perhaps a debut of things to come.

Nigeria has done very little for its teeming youth population and even less for those of its poverty stricken north east.

The youngsters of Borno and Yobe have had next to no reason to feel they are citizens of the nation. Next-to-no benefits.

Terrible schools, poor hospital care, no job security. These are some of the reasons why Boko Haram with a certain amount of financial promise, social relevance and job security, enticed the most vulnerable.

Our oil wealth has had little to no impact in the lives of the fishermen living in the thatched huts of Bama.

The nation’s security forces provided little security to the lives of the tax payers of Baga. Nigeria’s airports hardly ever flew residents of Gwoza.

Our banks and InterSwitch never saved and switched their funds. And in our discussions and plans, we hardly ever considered them.

The only thing many of these youth get out of our oil, is what they buy of it at the pump, and this at some of the highest prices in Nigeria.

Who is more worthy of amnesty and some form of social and economic rehabilitation than the brave vigilante anti-terror youth of Nigeria’s North eastern states?

Where are the voices that should be crusading for restitution based on bravery, rather than compensation for evil? In current news—that’s aside from the dispiriting discussions on who has larger numbers of the dead—these brave multi-ethnic youth, using mere sticks and stones, arrested 31 Boko Haram suspects.

The youth have decided to never rescind, to continue their war until Boko Haram are expunged permanently from their world.

Does this not make us all feel proud? So where are the calls for an amnesty for these world heroes, as the president rightly labeled them?

The modest successes of the civilian jtf is mainly due to the broad acceptability and encouragement given by a citizenry keen on living a normal life bereft of the Boko Haram menace.

Looking at the 6 ft 2 Babagana, one cannot but marvel at the bravery and nobility of these youths. One thought that crossed my mind was gratefulness.

How does a nation reward these youths who having gotten so little, yet, rather than run away, they risk all for the sake of community and nation?

How does Nigeria utilize today to develop a culture where wealthiness albeit, ill-gotten is not our only celebrated trophy, but where virtue and selflessness is a national pride?

Unfortunately the authorities and elders have paid scant attention to youths like the civilian JTF.

On the contrary, Nigeria’s leaders, politicians and elders, jostle among themselves to recommend mouth watering incentives for ex-terrorists and criminals.

While we wait for the response from the marauding and incarcerated Boko Haram members, whom we are begging to accept our compensation, how about a restitution plan for our responding youth?

The question being asked is simple; does anyone reward noble acts in Nigeria?
Dr. Peregrino Brimah
Every Nigerian Do Something; 
Email: [email protected]


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NCC Threatens Illegal Users of GSM Boosters with Arrest, Prosecution



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Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has warned telecom consumers to desist from using illegal GSM boosters.

NCC Threatens Illegal Users of GSM Boosters with Arrest, Prosecution

The commission also said that anyone caught using a GSM booster without obtaining approval of a duly licensed network operator will face arrest and prosecution.

GSM boosters are devices that transmit and receive telecommunications signals and can therefore interfere with other radio frequency equipment.

Ikechukwu Adinde, director, public affairs, NCC, said in a notice published on NCC website, that only licensed network operators are allowed to use GSM boosters.

The booster, also known as amplifier or repeater is made up of three main elements – exterior antenna, amplifier, and interior antenna.

They form a wireless system to boost cellular reception

“Members of the public should note that, willful interference with any wireless telegraphy is an offence under Section 16 of the Telegraphy Act, 2004,”it said

The agency said it will not condone any flagrant breach of this law.

It has also enforced measures to prosecute offenders.

Accordingly, monitoring mechanisms have been put in place and anyone caught using a GSM booster without obtaining approval of a duly licensed network operator will face arrest and prosecution.

“Any member of the public with useful information regarding the illegal use of GSM Boosters should contact the Commission on 09-4617000/7351 or send an email to [email protected],” the notice said.

“Individuals desirous of using GSM Boosters should note that they can only do so in conjunction with licensed network operators,” it added.



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Tizeti Selects Nokia to Provide LTE Fixed Wireless Access Solution for High-Speed internet Services in Nigeria



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Tizeti announced that it selected Nokia’s Fastmile Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology to enable usprovide superior internet services to over 1 Million subscribers in Port Harcourt, Edo and Ogun in Nigeria.

Tizeti Selects Nokia to Provide LTE Fixed Wireless Access Solution for High-Speed internet Services in Nigeria

Tizeti will deploy Nokia’s AirScale Base Station TDD-LTE and FastmileFixed Wireless Access (FWA) gatewaysto deliver premium internet and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to Residential, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The solution will also enable Tizeti’sto deliver a more robust, high-speedinternet service to subscribers and the flexibility to seamlessly evolve to 5G Fixed Wireless Access when needed.

Nokia’s FWA solution enables Tizeti to fast-track broadband access and provide a best-in-class broadband experience to its subscribers.

Nokia’sAirScale Base Stations ensure high-quality connectivity and coverage and enablesTizeti to evolve the network in line with customer demand.

Nokia’sFastmilegateways connect wirelessly to the existing network to createa fastbroadband connection and enhanced Wi-Fi experience in the home.

The Nokia Network Services Platform will help Tizeti to simplify operations and quickly respond to changing market demands.

Kendall Ananyi, Tizeti, said:“We are committed to providing the best-in-class network experience to our subscribers. We are confident that Nokia’s proven technology and expertise will help us differentiate our services based on quality. This a crucial project for us as it introduces LTE in our networks and allows us to bring new and innovative services to our subscribers.”

Eniola Balogun, Nokia, said:“We are thrilled to work with Tizeti on the initiative to upgrade their network to bring the latest products and services to its subscribers. Nokia Fastmile will help Tizeti to cost-effectively enhance the customer experience.

The project will also enable them to delight their subscribers by providing more reliable data services.

On the other hand, Tizeti will benefit by adding new revenue streams.”



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Risk Assets Push Higher on Vaccine Hopes; Eyes on the Fed



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By Hussein Sayed, Chief Market Strategist at FXTM,

After two consecutive weeks of back-to-back declines, global stocks kicked off Monday with solid gains amid a surge in M&A activity and positive signs towards vaccine developments. Currency markets were little changed ahead of a busy week of monetary policy announcements, while Oil and Gold ticked slightly higher.

The two big deals announced over the weekend were Softbank’s plan to sell chipmaker ARM to Nvidia for more than $40 billion and Gilead Sciences to acquire Immunomedics for a price tag of $21 billion. Meanwhile, on the vaccine front, AstraZeneca resumed its phase-3 trial on Covid-19 after being suspended last week following a neurological illness developed in one participant, and Pfizer announced that its vaccine could be distributed before year-end if found safe and effective.


Central Banks will take centre stage this week with the Federal Reserve, Bank of England and Bank of Japan all due to announce policy decisions. Out of the three meetings, the Fed is likely to be the most watched following its historic shift towards average inflation targeting. The big question remains how will the FOMC put this policy into action?


From what we know now, the Fed is set up to keep interest rates near zero for a long time, possibly for several years. Given the new framework, any spike in inflation won’t translate into immediate rate hikes as the Fed wants to compensate for the lost years when they have failed to hit the target. The dot plot will be the key guide for investors and traders alike. If inflation projections remain at 2% or below for the foreseeable future, this will solidify market expectations for a low rate environment for many years to come. That said, Jay Powell would still have to explain in more detail how the new framework will be translated into policy action.


In June’s economic projections, the Fed anticipated unemployment would be at 9.3% by year-end, but, in August, unemployment was well below that forecast at 8.4%. Many other economic data surprised to the upside during the June – August period in a clear sign that most economists were overly pessimistic towards the strength of the recovery. However, there is still a considerable amount of uncertainty given the latest surge in Covid-19 cases worldwide and the US, especially as we get closer into the winter season. A second wave will undoubtedly put the recovery at risk in the final quarter of the year and it will be interesting to see the Fed’s view on that issue.


As for the market selloff over the past two weeks, the Fed isn’t likely to show any signs of concern. In fact, policymakers should be satisfied with the pullback as the risk of a bubble in several assets has been growing due to the Fed’s extremely accommodative policies. Unless we see another 10 -15% drop, do not expect the Fed to intervene.

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