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Stakeholders Worry Over Possible Dominance of Starlink on Nigeria’s ISPs Market



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Contrary to popular opinion, stakeholders in the Nigerian telecommunications industry have expressed their worries over the possible dominance of Starlink in Nigeria’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs) market.

They expressed their views at the Telecom Sector Sustainability Forum third edition (TSSF 3.0) organised by Business Remarks themed “Starlink: A Threat or Prospect to the Sustainability of Nigeria ISPs, MNOs and Infracos held in Lagos.

Acknowledging the fact that the emergence of Starlink has re-introduced satellite internet technology to the market space, Nigeria ICT stakeholders however noted that the telecoms regulator needs to address the business model to protect local players and create healthy competition.

Recall, SpaceX’s satellite internet service, Starlink announced its availability in Nigeria, months after it signed an agreement with the Nigerian government to bring in its satellite-based internet coverage, thereby, making Nigeria the first African country to use satellite internet and 46th in the world.

The public believes that the introduction of Elon Musk’s satellite internet service, Starlink will widen competition in the Nigerian internet market while disrupting the internet market.

Starlink was included alongside 37 other Internet Service Providers, increasing the number of ISPs issued licenses to operate in Nigeria to 255 as of September 2022, up from the 187 reported in December 2021.

Speaking at TSSF 3.0, eStream Network Chief Executive Officer, Muyiwa Ogungboye who was ably represented by the Chief Operating Officer, Mr Martins Akingba stated that Starlink can be a threat to the local ISPs if the gaps found with the solutions are treated.

According to him, if the objective of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) with Starlink’s introduction is to provide high-speed internet access to underserved and rural areas in the country, this solution will not serve the purpose.

Stating that Starlink is not designed for the Nigerian rural market, Akingba highlighted pricing and lack of local and after-sales support as part of the reasons.

Furthermore, he said ISPs served both the retail and the enterprise markets. In his words “A lot of our enterprise market is already considering the solution but security is a major concern because they do not have an idea of how the traffic is being routed.

“As an ISPs local player, the advent of Starlink makes us question if the regulator is really careful of the investments made by players in this industry, millions of naira have already been invested in infrastructures even in the underserved areas,” he asked.

Also speaking, the Chief Executive Officer, Pan African Towers, Azeez Amida who was represented by the General Counsel, Babatunde Olaniyan said Starlink might both be a threat and a prospect but the wide adoption of the 5G network in Nigeria will pose a greater challenge to the solution.

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer of VDT Communications, Mr Biodun Omoniyi encouraged local players not to see the solution as a threat because Starlink is a leo-satellite, not too far fetch from the satellite technology.

He posited that as a disruptor, local players need to identify the gaps and fix them to have an edge over the solution.

“There will definitely be some adjustment in the market, and not a case of the winner takes all kind of situation. Some people will take up the solution, some will continue to rely on their mobile devices for internet access and others will be for fixed wireless access. If this happens, the consumers are provided with alternatives.” Omoniyi noted.

Although, he said being the first to launch is not really a big thing but is the industry, players and citizens are protected. Is the data accessible to the regulators, how do we do KYCs, and can the rural dwellers afford it, questions such as these need to be asked following the solution emergence in the Nigerian space.

Ominiyi charged the regulators to licence both the sellers, agents and providers to create a better ecosystem while encouraging operators to address their business models (pricing, positioning and support) to stay afloat and be profitable in the market.

Mr Lanre Olanrewaju, Chief Executive Officer, Equinoxcore Technology, spoke on the challenges subscribers are facing such as loss of money, falling victim to fraud, poor signal quality due to poor installation, data loss, and irregularity in the cost of gadgets.

According to him, the lack of physical office and after-sales support is a major concern for users and this challenge will continue to persist if there are no proper regulations around this.

Lanre noted that the disruptive agenda might not be achieved. On contribution to the economy, he asked if the organisation pays VAT.

Expressing his concern, the Head of Operations, Association of Licensed Telecoms Operators of Nigeria (ALTON), Mr Gbolahan Awonuga said the licenses given to Starlink might lead to the extinction of ISPs and also the domination of the market space if not checkmate.

Awonuga urged NCC to create a level playing field for operators bringing to remembrance the extinction of CDMA in the Nigerian Telecoms market. He also make case for affordable internet service for consumers.

In addition, the Executive Secretary of the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ACTON), Mr Ajibola Olude stated that the regulatory safety might be weak, once there is no balancing game.

He also urged NCC to create guidelines to safeguard local players, edges on the value chain such as generating employment opportunities and restrictions in the rural areas.

On her part in her welcome address, the Convener, Bukola Olanrewaju who also doubles as the Managing Editor of Business Remarks stressed that given the internet’s increasingly important role as a communication tool, internet connectivity has become a vital component of daily life, and many nations have embarked on ambitious projects to expand and improve access to the internet.

“It is believed that the use of satellite technology in Nigeria dates back to the military era and also a known fact that satellites have played a fundamental role in providing connectivity. In the last few years, the space industry has seen a rapid increase in satellite launches.

“Although Nigeria is regarded as Africa’s fastest-growing telecommunications market, its broadband penetration is largely dependent on fibre connectivity,” she said.

She recalled that at the first edition of the telecoms sector Sustainability Forum, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) noted that as a result of the challenges militating against ISPs, deliberate policies and regulations are being looked at in the Commission in ensuring that ISPs and other smaller players in the industry thrive.

Olanrewaju stated further that it is on this basis that stakeholders and experts were assembled to dissect this edition’s theme.

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Barred Phone Lines:  Lagos Lawyer Demands N10Bn Damages from Telcos, NCC



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Mr. Olukoya Ogungbeje, Lagos-based activist and lawyer, has dragged telecommunication companies operating in Nigeria as well as the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to a Lagos Federal High Court, challenging the recent barring of phone lines of citizens.

Barred Phone Lines:  Lagos Lawyer Demands N10Bn Damages from Telcos, NCC

Ogungbeje joined Dr. Aminu Maida, chief executive officer of NCC, and MTN Nigeria Communications Plc, Airtel Networks Nigeria Ltd. and Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Ltd. (EMTS 9 Mobile).

The lawyer, aside from seeking the order for award of N10 billion as general damages is also seeking the following reliefs: “A declaration that the act and action of further barring, restricting and deactivating of the applicant’s phone lines/SIM cards and the phone lines/SIM cards of Nigerian citizens by the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th respondents, upon the directive of the 1st and 2nd respondents from 28th of February 2024 till date, despite a valid and subsisting order of court granted against the respondents is wrongful, illegal, unlawful, undemocratic, unconstitutional and thus prejudicial against applicant’s and other affected Nigerian citizens fundamental rights to fair hearing as enshrined under Section 36 of the 1399 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“A declaration that the respondents being creations and creatures of law are subject to the court of law and the judicial powers of the courts of law and under a legal duty and constitutional obligation to obey valid and subsisting order of court as enshrined under Section 6 (6) (b) of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended).

“An order setting aside the entire directive and all its consequential effects in connection with the subject matter of this suit issued by the 1st and 2nd respondents to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th respondents having been made in gross violation of a valid and subsisting order of court.

“An order compelling the respondents to jointly and severally to immediately activate, debar, unlock, unblock and unrestrict the applicant’s phone lines/SIM cards and the phone lines/SIM cards of the affected Nigerian citizens forthwith.

“An order compelling the respondents to jointly and severally tender a public apology to the applicant and other affected Nigerian citizens and to pay the sum of N10 billion only as general and exemplary damages for the prejudicial, wrongful and unconstitutional action of the respondents and the inconvenience, damages and injury caused the applicant and other affected Nigerian citizens in flagrant violation of a valid and subsisting order of court.

“An order of perpetual injunction restraining the respondents jointly and severally, whether by themselves, their agents, officers, officials, members, servants, ministries, organs, agencies or privies or anybody deriving authority from them by whatever name called from barring, restricting and of deactivating the applicant’s and other affected Nigerian citizens, phones lines/ SIM cards or taking any step, action, further step or action or untoward action or proceedings against the applicant and other affected Nigerian citizens on any fact connected with or related to the facts of this case.”

The motion which is supported with 33 paragraphs affidavit, according to the lawyer, is pursuant to Sections 36 and 46 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria; Order II Rule 1 of the Fundamental Rights Enforcement Procedure Rules 2009 and under the court’s inherent jurisdiction imbued by Section 6 (6)(B) of constitution of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, 1999 as amended.

He also listed the following grounds upon which the reliefs were sought: “That there has been grave constitutional infraction perpetrated by the respondents against the applicant and other law abiding Nigerian citizens.

“That on the 22nd of February 2024, the court of law granted an order restraining the respondents from barring, deactivating and or restricting any phone lines/SIM cards of the applicant and Nigerian citizens.

“That the respondents have took the law into their hands by barring, deactivating and restricting the phone lines/SIM cards property of the applicant and other Nigerian citizens upon directive by the 1st and 2nd respondents despite a valid and subsisting order of court granted against the respondents on the 28th of February 2024.

“That the applicant has a constitutional right to fair nearing and right to own property guaranteed by the constitution.

“That the actions of the respondents have overreached the order of court and thus prejudicial against the applicant’s right to fair hearing.

Hence, it is not in accordance with due process of law. “That the act and action of the respondents is clearly wrongful, illegal, unconstitutional and prejudicial against the applicant’s right to fair hearing.

“That the respondents are creations and creatures of law and thus must act within the limit of the law.

“The respondents have no right to take the law into their own hands and that the constitutional safeguards to persons alleged to have committed any offence are sacrosanct and must be jealously guarded by the court.

“That the applicant has his fundamental rights protected and guaranteed under the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

“That the applicant has the right under Section 46 of the 1999 constitution to approach the court for redress for the breach of his rights. And that the applicant is entitled to the reliefs sought in this case.”

The lawyer in his affidavit stated that his fundamental right to fair hearing and the rights of millions of Nigerian citizens guaranteed under Sections 36 of the constitution have been and is being violated by the respondents.

“That based on the above, he has filed this suit for himself and in public interest pursuant to the Fundamental Rights (Enforcement procedure) Rules 2009.

“That he is the telephone subscriber of the respondents with phone numbers/lines (09139128873) and (08027208563), 08055382155, 08090220200, respectively. And that sometimes in January 2024, the respondents threatened in barring, deactivating and restricting the phone lines of Nigerian citizens whose phones lines are not linked with the National Identity Number (NIN).

“That he immediately challenged the action of the respondents culminating to the valid and subsisting court order granted on the 22nd of February 2024, restraining the respondents from barring, deactivating and restricting my phone lines and the phone lines of Nigerian citizens.

“That surprisingly, while daring the court, the first and second respondents threatened to go ahead with the act and action of barring, deactivating and restricting of phones despite a valid and subsisting court order restraining the respondents.

And that to his utmost shock, on the 28th of February 2024, he woke up only to discover that his phone lines have been barred, deactivated and restricted by the second to sixth respondents, based on the mere directive of the first and second respondents despite a subsisting order of court.

“That act and action of the second to sixth respondents in barring, deactivating and restricting his phone lines and that of Nigerian citizens upon a mere directive by the first respondent without any order of court and despite a valid and subsisting court order have caused me great loss of business opportunities, embarrassment, untold hardship, discomfort and inconvenience and hampered my business as a legal practitioner and businessman.

“That he immediately contacted his solicitors, who wrote letters to the respondents demanding a prompt reversal of their illegal act and action having been carried out without recourse to due process of law.

But the respondents have failed and refused to reply or respond to his solicitors letters till date.

“That the act and action of the respondents of restricting, barring, deactivating the phone lines of millions of Nigerian citizens is a clear brazen act of undermining the court of law and its judicial powers and thus prejudicial against their rights to fair hearing.

And that the act and action of barring, blocking deactivating and restricting my phone lines by the respondents despite a valid and subsisting court order is clearly wrongful and prejudicial against my rights and the rights of Nigerian citizens to fair hearing and right to own property.” However, no date has been fixed for the hearing of the suit.




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UK’s New Tech Entrepreneurs Funding to Boost Livelihoods in the World’s Developing Countries



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New UK funding for innovative mobile phone technology will help change lives in developing countries around the world, Development Minister Andrew Mitchell has announced.

Harnessing AI technology to provide real-time agricultural advice to farmers in Nigeria and pay-as-you-go solar powered fridges are just some of the ways UK-funded mobile technology is improving livelihoods globally.

At a speech at Mobile World Congress last week, Minister Mitchell announced the UK is providing £37.3 million of new support for the Mobile for Development Programme, to help more people access mobile and digital technologies to find new opportunities and boost their livelihoods.

The programme, which the UK funds in partnership with UK-based mobile industry association GSMA and the private sector, has already benefitted more than 94 million people and focuses on women and girls, climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience and scaling up innovative solutions.

Minister for Development and Africa, Andrew Mitchell said: “Mobile technology has the potential to revolutionise the lives of the poor by helping tackle the effects of climate change, creating jobs and boosting opportunities for women.

“The Mobile for Development programme has already benefitted more than 100 million people, and the UK’s new announcement aims to up the ambition, reaching 110 million additional people, including 60 million women.

“Together the worlds of development and mobile tech giants can be a powerful force to unlock opportunities and prosperity, and meet the UN Global Goals.”

UK funding has previously helped scale up a digital hub in Pakistan, BaKhabar Kissan (BKK), which provides accurate weather forecasting data to farmers to help them make critical farming decisions such as the timing of seed sowing, irrigation, and fertilisation. With the help of this programme, BKK has almost doubled users from 6.6 million to 12.4 million.

Another innovative business, Ensibuuko, is providing digital skills training to help community saving groups in rural Uganda keep up with the latest digital products and services where previously they relied on paper record-keeping.

Since gaining funding, Ensibuuko has benefited over 236,000 members of rural savings groups, 60% of whom are women, providing them with digital skills training.

John Giusti, President of the GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation, said: “For more than a decade, the FCDO and the GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation have worked closely in partnership to drive socio-economic and climate impact for the most underserved populations through digital innovation, and to date our partnership has improved the lives of more than 127 million people.

“Today’s renewal of our partnership will further amplify our joint impact by leveraging the power of digital and emerging technologies to support innovation, improve access to opportunities for women, and tackle the effects of climate change for the most vulnerable.”

With the increase in climate crises around the world, the need for new solutions to help vulnerable countries adapt is growing and mobile technology can make a big difference to people’s lives.

At Mobile World Congress, GSMA also announced the grantees for its Climate Resilience and Adaptation Fund which is funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. This fund is designed to test and scale up new technology to combat the effects of climate change in countries throughout Africa and Asia.

Some of the projects being funded include one using AI-powered satellite imagery to help smallholder farmers increase their yields and another to reduce food waste via an online grocery platform.


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PIN Announces Ajegunle Legacy Project Award and Scholarship winners



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The future of four brilliant students shines brighter after they secured scholarship opportunities under Paradigm Initiative’s (PIN’s) Ajegunle Legacy Project to further their studies. The winners were unveiled following a careful screening process undertaken by the organisation over a period of four months.

They were recognised and celebrated at Paradigm Initiative’s headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria during a ceremony also attended by their loved ones, the selection team and PIN Board member, Dr Oluseyi Adebayo Olubi.

The male awardee for the Taiwo Bankole Award is Anthony Maduamaka Ihejiamatu, a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Lagos in Nigeria. In the female category is Adeniran Esther, a student of Project Management Technology at The Federal University of Technology Akure in Nigeria.

For the advanced software training scholarship (Ajegunle Legacy Scholarship), the candidates selected by the panel are Ogar Gideon Robert in the male category and Idowu Sarah Sylvester in the female category.

In April 2023, the organisation launched the Ajegunle Legacy Scholarship as a way of giving back to the community and recognising notable individuals who played an important role in PIN’s early beginning in Ajegunle. The scholarship was named after the area to support resident youth/students in securing university education.

The Project has two arms. The prize arm and the scholarship arm. The prize arm supports two young persons (one male and one female) from low-income families resident in Ajegunle to acquire university education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) or Law annually. The prize is named after the late Taiwo Bankole Ogunyemi, one of the foremost volunteers at PIN’s digital inclusion program (now known as the LIFE Legacy Program). This award is aimed at immortalising the late Ogunyemi’s name for his role in improving the lives of young people across Nigeria, especially in Ajegunle.

The scholarship arm on the other hand supports two young persons (one male and one female) from low-income families residing in Ajegunle to get advanced software development training annually.

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