Zenith Bank Kicks off Zecathon 3.0 Startup Pitch Competition



Following the success of last year’s pitch competition, Zenith Bank, in partnership with Seedstars, proudly announces the launch of Zenith Bank Zecathon 3.0.

This event reaffirms the Bank’s commitment to identifying, supporting, and mentoring Nigerian MVP stage startups, aimed at shaping the future of business in Africa. Startups keen on participating should send their applications by November 14th.

The Zecathon 3.0 pitch competition features a prize pool of N59 million on top of business support for its participants through training, mentorship, and investor networking opportunities, further enabling startups to achieve their growth trajectories.

Temitope Fasoranti, Executive Director, Zenith Bank PLC, expressed, “After witnessing the unparalleled impact and success of our previous collaboration with Seedstars, we’re thrilled to introduce Zecathon 3.0.

Zenith remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering technological advancements in Nigeria. Our goal is to spotlight and uplift innovative startups that use technology to address modern-day challenges, steering us towards a brighter tomorrow.”

Startups looking to participate in the program should be at the MVP stage with a full team, and have raised no more than $75,000 in funding. Additionally, they must operate within the following domains:

  • Future of Retail
  • Future of eCommerce
  • Future of Payments
  • Future of Lending
  • Future of Wellness
  • Future of Cybersecurity
  • Future of EdTech
  • Future of Energy
  • Future of AgriTech
  • Future of Entertainment
  • Future of Transport and Logistics
  • Future of SMEs

Winning participants will not only receive the cash prizes but will also gain invaluable pitch training, be part of a follow-on program, and access to Seedstars’ global network. The top prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Prize: N20m (Twenty million Naira) – plus an opportunity to pitch investors and access the Seedstars Mentorship Hub.
  • 2nd Prize: N15m (Fifteen million Naira) – inclusive of a scholarship into the Seedstars mentorship hub.
  • 3rd Prize: N10m (Ten million Naira) – complemented by a scholarship into the Seedstars mentorship hub.
  • The subsequent 10 startups (4th – 10th) will each be granted a participatory prize of N2m (Two million Naira).

Rolake Rosijuli, Director for Partnership and Programs, Africa at Seedstars, shared, “Zenith Bank’s dedication mirrors our own ambition for change. With Zecathon 3.0, we’re not just recognizing talent, we’re investing in Nigeria’s tech-driven future.”




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