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7 Scams to Watch Out for in 2024



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As technology gets more advanced, fraudsters are also getting better at deceiving and stealing from us. In 2024, scammers have some new tricks up their sleeve, such as deepfake impersonation. That is why fostering a zero-trust mindset can help to keep yourself safe from these scams.

Watch out! for the following Scam in 2024.

  1. Deepfake impersonation scams

Imagine receiving a voice note from your CEO instructing you to transfer money to a bank account. You follow the instructions without realising that the voice note is a deepfake. And just like that, you have fallen for a scam. Deepfakes make use of AI technologies to create new – but fake – images, videos, and/or audio material from existing material, “Artificial intelligence (AI) technology makes it easier for fraudsters to create these convincing fake messages from people you know and trust,” explains Anna Collard, SVP Content Strategy and Evangelist at KnowBe4 AFRICA. “It enables scammers to generate video and audio that is so convincing, many believe it is real.”

Fraudsters also use AI-generated voice notes or videos to impersonate a family member, such as a grandchild, who claims to be in distress and in need of money. This is called a grandparent scam. “People get scammed that way because their emotions are triggered by hearing an authentic sounding voice clip of their loved one and want to help,” comments Collard.

Another fraudulent application of deepfakes is to impersonate politicians to spread confusion or disinformation. “This is definitely something to watch out for in 2024 as it’s an election year,” says Collard.

  1. Investment scams

Investment scams can appear as trustworthy financial organisations promising incredible returns. “However, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is,” says Collard. She advises being cautious in such situations. Scammers often combine cryptocurrency scams with romance scams as well.

Another scam to be wary of in 2024 involves fake loans that offer low-interest rates but never actually materialise. Instead, victims are required to pay upfront fees or provide their personal information. “With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, scammers may tempt many individuals to apply for these loans to make ends meet, be very careful of any offers that sound too good to be true.”

  1. Romance scams

By using fake profiles on dating sites or social media, scammers build trust with their victims and then exploit this emotional connection to trick them into sending them money. “Even though family members might repeatedly warn the victim, they often continue with the romantic deception because once on the hook, psychologically it is very difficult for the victim’s brains to admit that they have been conned,” explains Collard.

  1. Identity and social media profile theft

Identity theft involves stealing personal information to commit fraud. Scammers do this via phishing emails or phone calls, as with banking scams. “Social media profile theft involves hackers hijacking your social media accounts to reach out to your contacts, pretending to be you, spreading malicious software, scams or asking for money,” says Collard.

  1. Charity fraud

After a humanitarian crisis, like a flood, charity scams frequently emerge. “These scams play on your emotions and ask you to give money to a worthy cause, but in reality, they are fake charities,” explains Collard. Red flags to watch out for are unusual payment methods, such as EFT, instead of secure payment platforms. “Always make sure that charities are registered before you donate and that you interact with the legitimate NGO or charity before transferring any money,” she advises.

  1. Tech support scams

Posing as IT technicians, these scammers try to convince you that there’s something wrong with your computer and offer to fix it. They then seize control of your computer and steal your personal information or hack into your bank account. “These scams prey on people’s fears,” says Collard. “They throw people into a state of panic in which they’re not thinking logically.” She recommends hanging up right away and directly contacting your IT support centre.

  1. Puppy scams

Are you in the market for a pure-bred puppy? Beware! International crime syndicates operating in South Africa offer purportedly discounted pooches. According to Collard, many individuals have suffered significant financial losses not only for the non-existent dog but also for the transportation expenses. She advises buyers to be wary if they encounter a wide variety of dogs for sale on a website or if they are immediately offered a puppy. “Breeders do not operate like Takealot. There are usually waiting lists; it takes time for a puppy to become available,” she says. “If you’re offered a second dog at a 30% discount, it’s highly likely you’re being scammed.”

The general advice for any of the scams listed above is to slow down and take a breath before reacting to anything, particularly if it’s emotionally triggering content.

As the boundaries between our physical and virtual worlds continue to blur, a zero trust mindset encourages us to pause, think, and evaluate the content we are interacting with, thereby empowering us to make conscious and more rational decisions.

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ALX Welcomes 30,000 New AiCE Learners Across Africa



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ALX Africa, the innovative tech career accelerator, is thrilled to announce the enrollment of 30,000 new learners across Africa into its Artificial Intelligence Career Essentials (AiCE) programme.

This significant milestone underscores ALX’s commitment to fostering a new generation of leaders across Africa, equipped with innovative skills in AI technology.

In his welcome address, the host, Gavin Peter, VP, of Community and Culture at ALX, emphasized the essence of the event, termed “Karibu” which means ‘Welcome’ in Swahili, saying, “It is our usual ritual to start our ALX courses. We want our learners to feel welcome and part of the family.

“ALX is a community where we all belong and meet each other. We want to upskill young Africans and prepare them to launch so that they can grow their careers and make an impact.”

The AiCE programme offered by ALX introduces participants to Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools essential to their professional practice. For six weeks, learners will be equipped with knowledge of the rapid advancement of AI and its increasing relevance across various industries.

Through this course, ALX takes on the responsibility of equipping African talents with the necessary expertise to harness the potential available with Artificial Intelligence.

Out of the 30,000 learners onboarded across Africa from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Rwanda and Kenya, over 5,000 came from Nigeria. This significant feat is a testament to the dedication and resilience shown by ALX Nigeria.

Also, a strong and vibrant community, impactful engagements, and evidential testimonials of personal and professional growth are only a few of the many identifiers of this success.

Commenting on this significant achievement, Ruby Igwe, the ALX Country General Manager, Ruby Igwe, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are immensely proud to welcome 30,000 new learners to our AI programme. This milestone reflects our dedication to providing accessible, world-class education that empowers individuals to shape the future of Africa.

“Through our AI Career Essentials programme, we aim to cultivate a diverse community of innovators who will drive technological advancement and economic growth across the continent.”

She further stated, “ALX is not just a learning platform; it’s a community where learners come together to grow, inspire, and support one another. As we extend our heartfelt “Karibu” to our new learners, we are excited to witness the impact they will make as they harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to drive innovation and change across Africa.”

“Karibu to all our new AiCE learners! As they embark on this exciting adventure together, the possibilities are just limitless,” remarked Igwe.

ALX remains dedicated to expanding access to transformative education and empowering African talents to lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As the continent continues to embrace technological innovation, ALX stands as a beacon of hope, guiding learners toward a future filled with endless possibilities.

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12 African Startups Draw Full House as Techstars Hosts Demo Day in Lagos



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Techstars, the most active startup investor in Africa, held its second pan-African Demo Day in partnership with Lagos-based innovation program, ARM Labs.

The ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator Demo Day was held on 20th February at Balmoral Convention Center, Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

The event featured presentations from Techstars’ stellar second cohort from across the continent, marking the end of an immersive three-month accelerator program.

The startups presented to Techstars’ vast network of investors, mentors, senior operators, and ecosystem leaders, unveiling achievements and future plans whilst vying for strategic partnerships and commercial collaboration.

In addition to the startups’ presentations, the event featured a lively panel discussion with key figures in the African tech and Venture Capital ecosystems, exploring the state of VC funding and innovation in Africa.

Panellists included Olumide Soyombo, Partner at Voltron Capital; Biola Alabi, Partner at Acasia Ventures; and Ovo Emorhokpor, Founding Partner at Beta.Ventures. The event also drew the attention of more than 480 industry leaders and investors, including Idris Bello, Founding Partner at LoftyInc Capital; Tosin Faniro-Dada, Partner at Breega; Eloho Omame, Partner at TLCom Capital, Victor Sada, Head of Ventures & M&A at Interswitch; Bode Abifarin, Ex-Chief Operating Officer at Flutterwave; and Olusegun Adeniyi, Chief Digital Officer at Wema Bank, who were in attendance. An additional 2,500 viewers joined online via Youtube and Linkedin.

The ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator second cohort, chosen from over a thousand applicants across Africa included 24Seven, Beauty Hut, Eight Medical, GetEquity, JumpnPass, One Plan, PBR Life Sciences, PressOne Africa, Rana, Surge Africa, Swoove and Veend.

Over the past 13 weeks, along with the $120,000 each in investment, the startups received comprehensive training and mentorship from leading industry experts in the form of workshops on Go-to-markets Strategies, Financial Modelling, Customer Acquisition, Investment Readiness, People and Leadership, Legal and Governance, and Product Management.

Additionally the select startups gained access to more than 300 perks, valued at over $4 million in savings, and will benefit from lifetime access to the Techstars worldwide network.

In her Demo Day welcome address, Oyin Solebo, Managing Director of ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator, stated, “At Techstars, we are committed to empowering entrepreneurs through our accelerators, venture funds, and network of investors, corporates, and mentors across various cities.

“We firmly believe that entrepreneurs are the driving force behind a better future for all, and our mandate is to ensure they succeed. As the world’s most active pre-seed investor, we are also proud to have become the most active startup investor in Africa.

“Teaming up with ARM, we’ve developed a program aimed at showcasing the remarkable innovation and talent on the continent. We’re excited about the 12 companies we’ve backed, each leveraging technology, data, and intelligence to serve a population growing in size, youth, income and digital access”.

The engaging event schedule also featured a keynote address by Adetayo Bamiduro, Co-founder of, the first African startup selected for a Techstars program.

Adetayo emphasised the profound impact Techstars has had on his startup since selection in 2015, and also shared meaningful insights on the startup’s learnings, milestones and the growth opportunity that Africa offers.

Kenise Hill, U.S. Consulate Deputy Political and Economic Chief, also gave an address, highlighting the U.S’s commitment to trade with Africa, and their areas of focus – technology, healthcare, renewable energy and food security.

In the closing address by Sadiq Mohammed, Deputy Group CEO of ARM Holding Company, disclosed, “We are delighted to have partnered in this innovative program where our aim was to expand our horizons and improve our processes, introduce a new asset class to clients, and contribute to the ecosystem growth. We’re thrilled with how these objectives are being met based on the program’s success and the inherent impact of the selected startups.

Despite the market and challenging macroeconomic climate, we maintain a positive outlook knowing fully well that the best market-creating innovations thrive best when value-chains and markets are restructured. We believe this cohort is well-positioned for success.”

Oluwadunni Fanibe, Program Manager at ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator also commented on the progress attained by the founders over the past weeks.

She stated “Throughout the program, the cohort demonstrated genuine enthusiasm, passion and dedication, qualities highly valued by investors. They’ve mastered articulating and executing their business models, also honing their pitching skills along the way. The program has boosted their capabilities, propelling them into the next stage of their entrepreneurial journey and we wish them continued success.”

As founders showcased the product-market fit of their startups, track record and growth opportunity, it highlighted the ingenuity and opportunities abound in the African market. The event now sets the stage for follow-on investment and innovation in the months ahead for the cohort.

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SHELT Global Unveils Security Operations Center, Training Academy



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SHELT Global Limited recently held a cocktail party at its new headquarters in Nigeria to unveil their upgraded Security Operations Center and the SHELT Training Academy.

Mr. Youssef Abillama, Managing Partner (3rd right) Mr. Walid Bou Abssi, Country Manager of SHELT Cyber Immune Limited (2nd right), in company of business leaders and guests at the unveiling of SHELT Global Limited SOC and training academy in Lagos on February 16, 2024

Mr. Youssef Abillama, Managing Partner (3rd right) Mr. Walid Bou Abssi, Country Manager of SHELT Cyber Immune Limited (2nd right), in company of business leaders and guests at the unveiling of SHELT Global Limited SOC and training academy in Lagos on February 16, 2024

SHELT has been operating in Nigeria across Lagos and Abuja for six years, serving the country’s leading financial, telecom, and government institutions in their cybersecurity needs.

This headquarters relocation consolidates the determination of SHELT in investing in Nigeria’s economy and in growing cybersecurity talent for the country.

The party was attended by SHELT’s clients and partners, and the guests were taken on a tour of the newly opened premises.

The new SHELT Headquarters boasts a state-of-the-art 24/7 SOC to support the needs of the company’s clients all over Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

SHELT also revealed its Training Academy where young talents and experienced cybersecurity professionals looking to enhance their cybersecurity skills can enroll and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the company’s experts.

SHELT Training Academy will be issuing certifications to students in coordination with international cybersecurity bodies and affiliations.

Mr. Youssef Abillama, Managing Partner of SHELT Global Limited, said: “Our Nigeria offices are quickly turning into the company’s flagship, and we believe the country is playing its part as a role model to the rest of Africa when it comes to cybersecurity regulations.

“Today, with the launch of this new headquarters and the opening of our Training Academy, we can give back to the community that welcomed us from the start.”

Mr. Walid Bou Abssi, Country Manager of SHELT Cyber Immune Limited, said: “I see so many opportunities ahead of us in the future with the launch of the Academy. We hear of so many people wanting to enter the field of cybersecurity and we will be working hard to support the youth and cybersecurity professionals in their careers.”

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