Dukka Launches PoS Terminals, App to Drive Financial Inclusion



A bookkeeping and payments solutions company, Dukka Limited has launched its Point of Sale (PoS) in it its bid to drive financial inclusion of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

The move according to the company is coming on the heels of the federal government’s policy to push for a cashless society.

Speaking at the launch of Dukka Point of Sale (POS) terminal in Lagos, Keturah Ovio, the Chief Executive Officer, Dukka Limited, said the mission of the company is to drive financial inclusion amongst Africa’s small businesses by providing them with the easy-to-use digital technology tools that will enable them to grow to become big businesses in the future.

She said the solution is intended to cater to small businesses across Africa, pointing out that Dukka’s POS terminal is designed to enable small business owners to accept all types of cash and digital payments methods such as card and bank transfers in-store and online, record sales, and view business performance reports.

“This innovation is revolutionary at a time in the industry when the Federal Government of Nigeria is pushing its cashless policy. Unsurprisingly, there has been a surge in the number of business owners demanding Dukka’s POS terminals ahead of its launch.

Founded in March 2021, Dukka is creating an operating system for small businesses to manage their finances better and accept any type of payment from customers across multiple sales channels,” she said.




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