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Kaymu Shares Outcome of Samsung S5 vs. HTC One M8 Review



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One of the most difficult decisions that can be made is deciding what mobile phone to upgrade to.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 are two flagship phones of the year, and two of the most searched for mobile phones in the last month on online marketplace Kaymu.

However based on these features, which is better? We’ll let you choose for yourself.

Display Quality

The display of the One (M8) is 0.1 inch smaller than the Galaxy S5, but its screen is actually sharper. Its pixel density, measured in pixels per inch of display, is 2.08333333333% higher than the display of the Galaxy S5.

Battery Performance

Both the GS5 and One M8 have terrific battery life. Battery capacity is the most accurate indicator of overall battery performance, and both of these phones have capacities above the average of 1,750 mAh).

However both phones also have a terrific new feature that can really extend your battery life in a second.

Samsung’s is the GS5’s Ultra Power Saving Mode launched in February.

Switch the feature on, and it will shift its screen to black & white and severely limit background processes.

You’re left with email, text messaging, a web browser, and a few other options. Samsung says that Ultra Power Saving Mode will give you an extra 24 hours of battery life from just 10 percent juice.

The HTC Extreme Power Saving Mode provides basically the same function, with the added bonus that you can set HTC’s to kick in automatically when your battery dips to a certain level.


If portability and ease of use are important, the Galaxy S5 is the right choice between these two phones.

The HTC One M8 is 3 percent longer, 3 percent narrower, and 16 percent thicker than the GS5. But those are pretty minor discrepancies.

On top of being 9.375% lighter than the One (M8), the Galaxy S5 is also thinner.

Even with a typical protective case, the Galaxy S5 is will still be as thin as an average phone.

Another plus is the pleather finish at the back that makes it more comfortable to hold.


Both phones have good cameras – as does basically every high-end smartphone produced in recent times.

The GS5’s has a much higher resolution (16 MP to the One’s 4 MP), but the One’s camera has a few perks of its own.

The biggest is the One’s low-light capabilities.

The One also has a second camera on its backside, devoted to sensing depth which provides more camera features to play around with.


Cosmetically, and in terms of build quality the One M8 is one of the most stunning smartphones ever made, with its aluminum unibody design unlike the S5’s plastic/leather finish.

The Galaxy S5’s faux leather finish does, however, have a couple of perks.

First, it helps to make the GS5 9 percent lighter than the One M8.

But, more importantly, its slightly soft-touch pleather finish makes it more comfortable to hold.

Distinctive Features

The Galaxy S5’s killer feature is its IP67 water resistance.

That means it can soak in 1 meter (3.3 ft) of water for 30 minutes without any problems as long as its battery and charging covers are sealed shut.

The GS5 also has a heart rate monitor.

It lives on the phone’s backside, just below its rear camera, and is tied to Samsung’s S Health app making the Galaxy S5 is the first phone to include a dedicated pulse sensor

Samsung also included a fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S5.

The GS5’s home button doubles as a biometric sensor: just swipe your finger across it to unlock your otherwise passcode-protected phone.

The biggest perk that the GS5’s fingerprint sensor has is its integration with third-party apps.

You can use your print to login to PayPal (and authorize PayPal transactions).

HTC also has some distinctive features of its own. Like the HTC’s Motion Launch which is a set of motion sensor-based shortcuts that let you jump to different areas of your phone a little quicker than you’d otherwise be able to.

One example: when holding your One M8 in portrait mode with the screen off, you can just swipe up on the screen to jump straight to your home screen.

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Mega Deals as Konga Freedom Sales Goes Live Today



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All is set for the 2020 edition of the Konga Freedom Sales, an annual promotion by the foremost composite e-Commerce giant targeted at celebrating Nigeria’s independence anniversary.

Specifically, the Konga Freedom Sales goes live on Monday, September 21, 2020 and will run until Friday, October 9, 2020 across Nigeria.

The promotion will see the first week from September 21 – 27 focus on giving Nigerians the best prices and unbeatable discounts unmatched anywhere else in the market, with customers also urged to check prices on Konga before making any purchases. In addition, Konga’s customers are in line to benefit from three flash sales during the week.

From September 28, the week which coincides with the memorable occasion of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary, Konga will offer all classes of shoppers a unique opportunity to enjoy rock-bottom prices and mega deals on a wide variety of genuine products carefully selected by Konga to mark the auspicious celebration.Among these are 60 special products for each day of the promotion in line with the commemoration of Nigeria’s 60thindependence anniversary.

Also, the promotion will run across multiple channels including the Konga website, chain of retail stores located nationwide and via the Konga Bulk platform.

The eagerly anticipated Konga Freedom Sales will see the e-Commerce giant make available heavily discounted products of up to 50% off from multiple categories such as Computers & Accessories, Home & Kitchen, Electronics, quality Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Power Solutions, Phones & Tablets, Drinks & Groceries, among many others. Further raising the excitement for the Konga Freedom Sales is the fact that Konga has positioned the promotion as one with which to celebrate Nigerians as the country hits its Diamond Jubilee.

Consequently, the management of Konga has revealed its intention to make it a promotion to remember for every customer.

‘‘Nigeria will be marking its Diamond Jubilee on October 1st. It is a momentous anniversary as 60 years is not a mean feat,’’ disclosed Co-Chief Executive Officer, Konga Group, Nick Imudia.

‘‘In view of this, we have decided to make this year’s edition of the Konga Freedom Sales a special one to celebrate all Nigerians.

‘‘Therefore, we have carefully selected all the products that will go on sale from Monday.

“Our motivation is to make it a memorable occasion for all Nigerians by helping them save money on genuine products across our online platform and retail stores nationwide.

“We encourage everyone to go online at or visit the nearest Konga store or leverage Konga Bulk from Monday to partake in the celebration of Nigerians through the Konga Freedom Sales,’’ he urged.

Meanwhile, an array of world class brands has partnered with Konga for the promotion. These include the likes of HP, Samsung, Lenovo, PZ Cussons, Dell EMC, Infinix, iTEC, Zinox, Tecno, Unilever and many more.

The Konga Freedom Sales goes live nationwide from Monday, September 21 until Friday, October 9, 2020.

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ICANN Launches Pandemic Internet Access Reimbursement Program Pilot



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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced the Pandemic Internet Access Program Pilot for ICANN69, following the ICANN Board’s resolution in support of the pilot program.

To facilitate participation during the remote Public Meeting, the pilot program offers community members who have limited Internet capacity, financial assistance to increase their Internet bandwidth during ICANN69.

Reimbursement amounts of up to USD 60 will be provided to eligible applicants who purchase additional Internet bandwidth (capacity or data limits) for the duration of the month or billing cycle for October 2020.

The services must be rendered by a business entity or Internet service provider, specifically for Internet or cellular data service. The provider must also provide digital or paper documentation of the upgrade costs.

Interested community members must apply in advance of ICANN69 and those who meet the eligibility requirements will be selected to participate. The application deadline is Friday, 2 October 2020 at 23:59 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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FG Launches Central Database for Stolen Asset Tracing



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Federal government has launched a Central Database under the Asset Tracing, Recovery and Management Regulations (ARTM), 2019 and the Central Criminal Justice Information System (CCJIS) under the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS) 2017 – 2011 to assist in the fight against corruption.

FG Launches Central Database for Stolen Asset Tracing

Mr Abubakar Malami, AGF

Mr Abubakar Malami, attorney-general of the federation (AGF) and minister of Justice, at the launch in Abuja, said the database will ensure uniformity of process, access and information feeding to deepen transparency and accountability in the management of recovered assets.

To ensure compliance, he said his office is developing legislation for the full implementation and operation of the CCJIS.

“We will work together to establish and re-enact transparency and accountability in governance and management of our resources which we have committed to do by way of strengthening International Cooperation of our membership of Open Government Partnership,” he said.

In his speech, Mr Femi Gbajabiamila, speaker of the House of Representatives, represented by Mrs Ugonna Ozurigbo, chairman, House Committee on Justice, said the regulation on Asset Tracing, Recovery and proper management of proceeds of crime was signed on October 24, 2019, and took effect from November 1, 2019, replaced the proceeds of Crime Regulation of 2012.

The new regulation titled Asset Tracing, Recovery and Management Regulations 2019 empowers the AGF to take charge of the custody and management of all final forfeited assets, approval and appointment of asset managers and operating and maintaining a database for the records of all recovered assets within and outside Nigeria.

He said, the AGF’s office, under the new regulation, is also required to coordinate inter-agency investigations into recovery matters within and outside Nigeria from all law enforcement agencies whose law empowers them to undertake recoveries and maintaining a depository for all forfeiture orders issued by the Nigeria courts and courts outside Nigeria.

Asset Tracing, Recovery and Management, according to the Speaker, is a core value of good governance and its effective management will serve as a deterrent to would-be fraudulent minded individuals who may find themselves in public offices.

According to him, states resources must not be allowed to be stolen but if that happened by fraudulent individuals, efforts must be taken to trace the proceed, recover same and manage for the interest of the generality of the people.

“When the proceeds of crime are traced and recovered but again looted by government officials, I dare to say such act amounts to the crime of tertiary capacity and must be avoided.

“Assets not accounted for are assets lost; loss of assets undervalues the economic potential of a country and will negatively impact on the net worth of a country. Accordingly, Asset Tracing Recovery and Management is a panacea to rekindling of the value system of a nation,” the Speaker noted.


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