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SkyVision Revolutionizes Internet in Nigeria, Africa with Cutting Edge Services



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In this ever changing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) only companies that response to the dynamism of technology will remain relevant, on this premise that global Internet protocol connectivity provider, SkyVision has re-strategies to play leadership role with cutting edge services.

Among the services designed to revolutionize Internet service delivery in Nigeria and Africa include SkyVisionCombi; a unique service to answer the growing demand for unlimited Internet bandwidth. It addresses the rapidly escalating demand in Africa for high-capacity Internet links. This service has been specifically tailored for the business needs of the large service providers in Africa.

SkyVisionCombi is a hassle-free turnkey solution. It combines the hardware and the BW for high-quality C-Band Internet service without the need for CAPEX investment by the customer-and all at a surprisingly cost-effective rate.

For the usual monthly service charge, the customer buying the SkyVisionCombi receives a ‘complete solution’ which includes: the earth station and associated equipment required for the service as well as professional on-site installation, training and all the premium grade bandwidth the customer may need, backed by the usual 24-hour SkyVision expert support.

Mark Gazit, president and chief executive officer, SkyVision, said the company created this unique service after exploring and understanding the telecom needs of the market and in response to their customers need for a turnkey solution.

"We are offering an international service that combines our solid experience with premium service, and it will be launched first in West Africa to address our premium customers’ needs," he said.

SkyVisionCombi special features include,

High quality C-Band service

Advanced DVB-S2 Technology

Multiple Satellites to Optimize the service

No CAPEX Investment

Fast Deployment

Hassle-Free Solution

24/7 Technical support

SkyVisionCombi service is provided to premium West Africa customers via AFRICASAT-1 satellite platform. AFRICASAT-1 features and specifications include,

Powered C-Band with 41.5 dB to 34dB over Africa, it was launched by Measat, positioned on 46o East, it has comprehensive coverage of Africa and Europe, as well as Linear X-Pol Polarization and Highest level of or [email protected]

About Inclined Orbit Satellites:

In order to extend the life span of a geostationary satellite, the North-south station keeping maneuvers are suspended. The North-South station keeping consumes 90% of the satellite rocket fuel, therefore suspending them saves fuel and allow additional several years of satellite operation.

Without the station keeping, the satellites North-South inclination is growing by around 0.8o every year.

In order for earth station to track the inclined orbit satellite, the antenna should be motorized, and equipped with tracking system.

Antenna motorization allows the antenna to focus precisely on the satellite and keep it in the best possible position in relation to the satellite. A significant advantage of these satellites is the significantly reduced cost of the space on the satellite. These systems become highly cost effective to customers with high capacity of the required space.

The Advantage of Inclined Orbit Satellites:

Significant Saving in Service-Inclined Orbit service is cost effective in terms of the costs of service and operation of the system through its life time. Service costs are significantly lower when compared to the alternative services offered.

High Quality of Service-A continuous tracking of the satellite ensures the best focus on the satellite position, which in turn, ensures the highest quality of the reception of the signal received and transmitted.

Proven Technology with Wide Utilization over the world-Inclined Orbit Satellites requires motors and tracking system which can be added to the standard Earth-Station equipment. Tracking systems are widely used at national telecoms of practically every country. SkyVision brings the advantages of this technology to the commercial internet world.

Designed and Used for High Volume Costomers—Inclined orbit satellite platform is specially suited to serve PTTs, Carriers and large Internet service providers in Africa and over the world.


SKYDirect is a complete Internet connectivity solution, provided via satellite, to most places in Africa. By using SkyVision’s VSAT technology, customers are instantly connected to the internet.

Much like the terrestrial Digital Subscriber Line service, SKYDirect provides subscriber the ability to connect to other locations across the continent or in the world, get Internet connectivity, use and provide voice services and deliver all their communication needs.

Why you should use SKYDirect, is because it is cost effective. It’s a C-Band service with a better pricing than similar Ku-Band offers.

SKYDirect is flexible, reliable and high powered service from the new SES NEWSKIES NSS-10 satellite.

It runs on advanced iDrect based VSAT platform. It is also reliable and field proven technology with easy and fast installation as well as enjoys local support in the area of service.

SKYDirect quality: it is interesting to note that SKYDirect solution is provided using the recently launched SES NEWSKIES NSS-10 with excellent coverage over Africa.

The extended coverage area offers accessibility in even the most remote areas, with high quality of service.

SKYDirect service is operated in C-Band, the only reliable solution suited to work in rainy areas.

SES NEWSKIES NSS-10 is geostationary, station kept, C-Band, positioned at 37o West, and up to 43dB EIRP.

Among users of this service include Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet Cafes, VoIP centres, Call centres NGOs, public and government facilities, Direct broadband to small offices, SOHO, SME, SMB and hotels.

Others are financial institutions such as banks, ATMs and insurance, oil companies, manufacturing facilities among others.

This solution is powered by iDirect technology, the leading Internet protocol traffic solution, which offers features such as real time traffic management, quality of service, built in encryption, automated uplink power control, error correction to eliminate weather related performance degradation, central management, TCP & HTTP acceleration, built in DNS and efficient bandwidth management and allocation.

SKYDirect Applications are Internet access and connectivity, Digital media streaming, Distant learning in education and telemedicine, Data communication and file transfer as well as VoIP and voice based services.

Another technology in the product bouquet of SkyVision is SkyVisionDay. This solution is a high-quality, cost-effective service that provides customers business with an unmatched solution for peak-hour traffic.

Telecom providers and ISPs typically encounter issue while planning IP capacity requirements, such as daytime usage requirements that are far greater than the nighttime capacity needs. To this end, Bandwidth must then be purchased based on the highest usage levels during the daytime to remain only partially used at night.

This new service, SkyVision Day, allows subscribers to start saving capacity costs at night, when their traffic requirements are substantially lower.

SkyVision Day allows customers to pay only for the bandwidth he need. Some of the features of SkyVision Day are Highly reliable IP connectivity supported by the company’s teleports, a high level of downlink scalability from 5 Mbps to STM-1, BGP routing to provide resilient Tier-1 access to the internet and high quality C-Band coverage.

Other features include guaranteed service based on advanced DVB S-2 technology, and 24x7x365 multilingual support. This service is supported by an SLA to guarantee availability.

SkyVision Day specification are C-Band, geostationary satellite with life expectancy of up to 2012, linear cross-pol and co-pol polarizations among others.

SkyVision is a leading global telecommunications service provider supplying custom tailored solutions to ISPs, enterprises and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). SkyVision’s end-to-end solutions deploy standard and customized IP service platforms, managed from its international gateways in Europe, Asia and the United States of America. With an active presence in over 50 countries worldwide, SkyVision’s goal in today’s fast growing telecom environment is to provide the best IP connectivity services in the high-growth, emerging Internet markets.

Acting as an international ‘ISP’ for its customers comprising of ISPs, Carriers, Telecoms, Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) operators, enterprises, government bodies and international operators.

SkyVision deploys its extensive global IP network that spans over 120 countries, interconnecting in high-capacity points into the global internet through MCI, Telia, and NTT Verio. For more about SkyVision visit


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Join Inlaks Live TechTalk Edition on Hyosung’s Revolutionary MV 100 ATM Model



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Inlaks, the leading Information Technology Systems Integrator specialised in the deployment of highly scalable ICT Infrastructure solutions, will on Monday September 28, deploy the second edition of its virtual thought leadership segment called “TechTalk”.

Techtalk which was formerly a pre-recorded segment hosted on the organisations YouTube channel has now transitioned into a live virtual event across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The virtual edition kicked off in August 2020 with a segment on Financial Crime Mitigation, honing in on the superiority of Temenos Financial Crime Mitigation Solution with Emmanuel Orororo, Sales Manager, Financial Business, Inlaks.

The 2nd edition of Tech Talk promises to offer the same measure of insights as it dives into the world of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) with a focus on MoniValue 100, a revolutionary ATM solution by Hyosung TNS. The MoniValue 100 is especially adapted to the present times as it is a cardless, contactless and changeless solution.

Join this virtual event live by logging on to any of the social media pages below on Monday, 28th September 2020. YouTube: Inlaks, Facebook: InlaksNg, Twitter: Inlaks, Instagram: InlaksNg

Inlaks is a leading system integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company partners with leading OEMs in the technology industry to provide world-class information technology solutions that exceed the needs of its customers.

Over the years, Inlaks has built a reputation as the foremost ICT and Infrastructure Solutions Provider, helping customers effectively seize new market and service opportunities.

With an impressive customer base that includes six Central Banks in West Africa, 18 of the 24 banks in Nigeria and other major customers in the West African region, Inlaks has become the dominant Information Technology Company in Africa.

Inlaks’ customers cut across various segments including Banking, Telecommunication, Oil/Gas, Power, Utilities and the Distribution sectors of the economy. For more information, please visit

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Millions of Cyber Attacks Launched on Nigeria, Others- Reports



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There were 3.8 million malware attacks and 16.8 million Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) detections over a 7-month period in Nigeria, according to Kaspersky security solutions.

Millions of Cyber Attacks Launched on Nigeria, Others- Reports

Elsewhere in South Africa, there were almost 10 million malware attacks and a staggering 43 million PUA detections, showing the growing desperation of the attacks.

The company reported on 28 million malware attacks in 2020 and 102 million detections of potentially unwanted programs (pornware, adware etc.) accounted for by the beginning of August 2020.

These numbers show that it’s not only the malware that attacks users but also the “grey zone” programmes that grow in popularity and disturb their experiences, while users might not even know it is there.

Potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) are programmes that are usually not considered to be malicious by themselves.

However, they are generally influencing user experience in a negative way. For instance, adware fills user device with ads; aggressive monetising software propagates unrequested paid offers; downloaders may download even more various applications on the device, sometimes malicious ones.

calculating interim results of threat landscape activity in African countries, Kaspersky researchers noticed that PUAs attack users almost four times more often than traditional malware.

They also eventually reach more users: for instance, while in South Africa, the malware would attack 415,000 users in 7-months of 2020, the figure for PUA would be 736,000.

“The reason why ‘grey zone’ software is growing in popularity is that it is harder to notice at first and that if the programme is detected, its creators won’t be considered to be cybercriminals. The problem with them is that users are not always aware they consented to the installation of such programmes on their device and that in some cases, such programmes are exploited or used as a disguise for malware downloads,” said Denis Parinov, a security researcher at Kaspersky.

By taking a closer look at PUA, it becomes apparent that they are not only more widespread but also more potent than traditional malware.

Evaluating results over the same 7-month period in Nigeria, there were 3.8 million malware attacks and 16.8 million PUA detections – which is four times as much.

Kenyan and South African threat landscapes have been more intense. In South Africa, there were almost 10 million malware attacks and a staggering 43 million PUA detections.

Kenyan users faced even more malware attacks – around 14 million, and 41 million PUA appearances, Kaspersky said.

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Tech Giants Strike Deal with Advertisers over Hate Speech



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Web giants including Facebook have struck a deal with advertisers on how to identify harmful content such as hate speech, after an impasse over the issue which led to boycotts of the platform.

Tech Giants Strike Deal with Advertisers over Hate Speech

The agreement — which also included Twitter and YouTube — laid out for the first time a common set of definitions for hateful statements online.

In July, hundreds of advertisers including big-name consumer brands suspended advertising with Facebook as part of the #StopHateForProfit campaign, saying the social-media titan should do more to stamp out hatred and misinformation on its platform.

And earlier this month a group of celebrities — including Kim Kardashian, Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry — stopped using Facebook and Instagram for 24 hours, to push a similar message.

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) said in a statement Wednesday: “Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, in collaboration with marketers and agencies through the Global Alliance for Responsible Media have agreed to adopt a common set of definitions for hate speech and other harmful content and to collaborate with a view to monitoring industry efforts to improve in this critical area.”

The alliance was founded by the WFA and includes other major trade bodies.

According to the WFA, key areas of agreement included applying the alliance’s common definitions of harmful content; developing reporting standards for such content; establishing independent oversight; and rolling out tools for keeping advertisements away from harmful content.

The WFA said that properly defining online hate speech would remove the current problem of different platforms using their own definitions, which it said made it difficult for companies to decide where to put their ads.

“As funders of the online ecosystem, advertisers have a critical role to play in driving positive change and we are pleased to have reached agreement with the platforms on an action plan and timeline in order to make the necessary improvements,” said Stephan Loerke, chief executive of the WFA.

Luis Di Como, executive vice-president of global media at Unilever, a major advertiser, sounded a note of cautious optimism.

He said: “The issues within the online ecosystem are complicated, and whilst change doesn’t happen overnight, today marks an important step in the right direction.”

Speaking in July, Facebook’s founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said he remained adamant that the company did not want hate speech on the social network.

On Wednesday, the company’s vice-president for global marketing solutions, Carolyn Everson, said the agreement gave all parties “a unified language to move forward on the fight against hate online.”


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