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Aero Relaunches Calabar Route, Plans Additional Three Aircraft



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Aero Contractors, Nigeria’s oldest aviation company is getting three additional aircraft into service following major repairs by the Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) arm of the airline.

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The airline also on Tuesday, recommenced scheduled services to the Margret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar from its base at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Two (MMA2), Lagos.

This is as Sen. Bassey Otu, the Governor of Cross River State has promised to increase the state’s aircraft fleet from the present two to five in the coming months.

Speaking at the relaunch of of the route, Capt. Ado Sanusi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Aero Contractors said that for the first time, the joint venture between the airline and the Cross River government has brought all the two Boeing 737 aircraft owned by the state to service.

Sanusi described the feat as a major boost to the airline’s fleet and a demonstration to the quality and professional competence of its Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities.

He said: “We are proud of them for putting additional aircraft to service, while working on the fifth aircraft to be back in service by the end of next month.

“We are equally pleased with the full support of the Cross River State government especially, His Excellency the Governor, Bassey Otu on this joint venture, which we believe will continue to grow and enhance the governor’s vision of growing the economy through tourism among others.

“With our increased fleet, we are delighted to be in the position to fully support the upcoming Calabar Carnival themed: ‘Season of Sweetness,’ this festive season, and we promise our customers competitive fares.”

Sanusi also said that the airline would operate three daily frequencies from Lagos to Calabar. While the aircraft would also be deployed to Abuja airport and back to Calabar before returning to Lagos.

Besides, he explained that the airline intended to increase the frequencies as demands grow, assuring that the airline would always offer quality services to its customers throughout the festive season.

Also speaking at the event, Sen. Bassey Otu, the Cross River State Governor, lauded the management of Aero Contractors for maintaining the state’s aircraft in its fleet and for relaunching scheduled services to the airport.

According to the governor, the state’s aircraft would increase to five very soon with the addition of three more aircraft.

He explained that the State Government was determined to position the state as a tourism destination and would attract air passengers into it.

Otu further commended Sen. Ben Ayade, the immediate past Governor of the state for initiating the idea of an airline and putting the state on the aviation map.

He also pointed out that plans were on to make the airport a sunset aerodrome as the airfield lightings are being installed by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

He added: “Calabar has been an international airport, and we want to raise it to that standard. Flights will very soon be landing at this airport till 9pm. The government is installing the light, and they are bringing the airport into total functionality so that it will be an international airport truly.

“Before now, it was a bit difficult coming into the state because of the state of the roads, but as from today henceforth, we can fly in here at any time.

“By the time the Calabar Carnival is on, the traffic to this airport will surge. We want to make aviation a very big business for Cross River State.”

The aircraft, a Boeing 737-300 with the registration number: 5N- BYR, which departed Lagos at 10:30am, landed at Margaret Ekpo International Airport at 11: 25am with fanfare.

The governor and his executive cabinet members and other dignitaries from the state were on ground to receive the aircraft to the airport.

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5 Tips Small Business Owners Need to Grow their Business Online



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Small businesses are embracing digitalization and catering to their customer needs through a variety of online channels. With new technologies emerging such as artificial intelligence, there is no time like the present to help your small business grow by taking advantage of the online world.

GoDaddy in this article shares five tips to help your small business grow with an online presence.

It starts with a domain name

When getting started, check availability of domain names for the desired name. A domain name can be considered a business’ piece of real estate and identity on the internet. It is a way for customers to easily find a business online.

Choosing and registering a domain name for your business that’s memorable is increasingly important in an expanding digital marketplace, as it helps to shape your online business identity. If the .com extension is not available, there are many new extensions available, such as: .shop; .co.; .photography; .tech, to name a few, for you to consider which can help define your business. After choosing a domain name register it with a reliable hosting provider right away.

Build a website

Websites help create visibility for small businesses and act as a home base for your business on the internet, even if you have a brick-and-mortar store. A website can help consumers easily find your business, learn about your product offerings and services, and contact you for more information.

A well-designed professional looking website can offer an engaging customer experience with the use of text along with photo images and video. Having a website gives you control over the messaging about your business and can serve as a hub by linking with your social media channels.

Listen to your customers

The growth of your business is directly related to customer satisfaction. Listen to your customers and pay attention to the needs of your target market. Identify their problems and pain points. How can your offerings act as a solution? Is it possible to develop new products to help solve these problems? Engage for customer feedback and keep an eye on customer behaviour changes and audience interests.

Develop a business support system

By developing a strong business support system, entrepreneurs can benefit from new ideas on ways to address a particular issue or ideas for growth. In addition to close family and friends, consider mentors and business coaches who can provide relevant insights into your business.

Review your business plan

Many entrepreneurs make a business plan at the beginning of their business journey, but do not take the time to revisit it from time-to-time. So, analysing aspects of that business plan like target audience and competitors, examining cash flows and what can make the business profitable, while also checking timelines to reach business goals is all equally essential to help ensure continued growth of your business.

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TECNO Pledges to Transform 100 Football Fields in 5-Year Initiative



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In a bold and visionary move, TECNO Mobile has announced a groundbreaking initiative to renovate 100 football fields across AFRICA over the next five years.

This ambitious project, aimed at enhancing community infrastructure and promoting the beautiful game, reflects TECNO’s deep commitment to the spirit of football.

Notably, TECNO’s dedication to the sport is evident with its recent sponsorship at the just-concluded AFCON 2023, where the brand left an indelible mark on the global football stage.

TECNO Mobile’s association with football reached new heights as the brand proudly sponsored the recently concluded AFCON 2023. As a prominent sponsor, TECNO not only showcased its commitment to sportsmanship but also provided a platform for fans to experience the thrill of the game.

The AFCON sponsorship was more than just a marketing endeavor for TECNO – it was a testament to the brand’s belief in the power of football to unite communities and ignite passion.

Building on the energy and enthusiasm generated by the AFCON sponsorship, TECNO has embarked on a transformative journey to renovate and uplift football fields across diverse communities.

The pledge to renovate 100 fields across Africa over the next five years is a tangible expression of TECNO’s dedication to fostering a love for the sport at the grassroots level.

TECNO’s initiative goes beyond mere field renovation; it is a holistic approach to community development. By creating modern, well-maintained football fields, TECNO aims to provide spaces that encourage physical activity, nurture talent, and foster a sense of community pride.

These fields are hubs for social interaction, where families and friends can come together to celebrate the joy of sportsmanship.

As a brand synonymous with cutting-edge technology, TECNO brings its innovative spirit to the football arena. The renovated fields will integrate innovative solutions and modern amenities, aligning with TECNO’s vision of infusing technology into every aspect of life, including sports.

TECNO’s sponsorship at AFCON 2023 and the pledge to renovate 100 football fields underscore the brand’s unwavering belief in the transformative power of football.

As the fields undergo a metamorphosis over the next five years, TECNO invites everyone to participate in this remarkable journey.

This journey goes beyond the boundaries of sport to leave an enduring impact on communities, fostering a legacy of unity, pride, and passion. In TECNO, football isn’t just a game; it’s a bridge that connects hearts and builds a legacy for generations to come.



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IFC Partners with Triggerfish to Boost Africa’s Animation Sector



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In order to support the growth of Africa’s creative sector and to bring local African stories to the world, IFC has signed a collaboration agreement with Triggerfish, a globally recognized animation studio founded in South Africa.

Triggerfish creates premium animated content for prominent global studios such as BBC, eOne, Lucasfilm, Magic Light Pictures, Netflix, and The Walt Disney Company.

The collaboration agreement will bring IFC’s market expertise to help Triggerfish with its growth strategy so that it can expand its operations, creating new jobs and opportunities in Africa to upskill local talent, particularly for women and youth.

“We are thrilled to be working with Triggerfish to set the stage for a new chapter of growth,” said Makhtar Diop, IFC Managing Director. “This partnership underscores IFC’s commitment to unlock the potential of creative industries and support economic development and job creation in Africa, particularly for women and youth.”

Triggerfish CEO Stuart Forrest said: “At a time when the demand for local African content is booming, this partnership with IFC is a significant step that will propel the growth of the local animation sector and position the industry to reach its true potential.”

The global animation and VFX market was valued at US$ 167.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach US$ 401.0 billion by 2030, according to a study by Report Ocean.  The sector in Africa faces problems realizing its potential because of challenges accessing funding, a lack of cutting-edge technology, and limited distribution networks.

The partnership with Triggerfish is another important milestone in IFC’s commitment to support the creative industries sector in emerging markets.

IFC recently signed an agreement with Sony Group Corporation to identify investment opportunities in companies in the creative industries in Africa to support new economic opportunities and create jobs. In June, IFC committed up to $75 million to DNEG, a world-leading visual effects and animation company in India to expand its cutting-edge VFX and animation services.


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